We provide everything you need for the trip! Poles, bait, everything. The only thing you need to bring is food, drinks, and your fishing license.


1-3 People
4 People
5 People

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Trip Info

Located in Shell Beach, we are just minutes from downtown New Orleans at the perfect halfway point on the East side of the Mississippi River. To the North lies Biloxi Marsh which houses Trout in the winter and summertime. To the South, just a few minutes by boat lies Delacroix, home to some of the best red-fishing you will ever do in your life.

Trips start at just before daylight and we return to the dock about 2pm. The maximum boat capacity is 5, but we recommend additional boats for groups of 5 or more. We target Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, Jack Crevalle, giant schools of Bull Reds, and even sharks depending on the time of year.

You’ll enjoy fishing the marshes with our tested combination of light tackle, Daiwa Rod & Reels, and the techniques from our professional guides that guarantee your catch. We spend over 230 days a year fishing and pride ourselves on working hard and having fun 110% all day, every day. We will put you on the fish to catch your personal best.

Gratuity is accepted but not expected.


What We Provide

  • All Fishing Gear/Equipment
  • Tackle, Live Bait
  • Gas
  • Ice
  • Fish Cleaning Services

What You Provide

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Ice Chest for Cleaned Fish
  • Hat, Sunglasses, & Sunscreen

Fishing License

Out of state licenses can be obtained at local tackle shops or online at You will need the Charter Fishing License #79 – “Charter Passenger License (3 day)” for $10.00. License may be obtained by calling 888-765-2602 or

Limiting Out

Louisiana’s motto, Sportsmans’ Paradise means there are plenty of fish to catch before hitting the limit! Tour fishing trip will be non-stop fun and your ice chest will be stuffed.

Speckled Trout

Extra Items You Might Want To Bring

  • Spring/Summer – Warm weather long-sleeves and pants (sun/gnats)
  • Fall/Winter – Warm clothes, more then you think you need
  • Wind breaker – When its cold on land, its twice as cold on the water.
  • Camera – You are invited to bring your favorite rod-n-reel, gear and your camera to capture the beauty of Louisiana’s marsh system and of your catch. Photo opportunities are definitely available.
  • Rain gear


Let the good times roll!

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